Teatro Grande

Teatro Grande was recognized as a national monument over 100 years ago. This architectural jewel in the City of Brescia is not only a must-see for the locals, but also for visitors. Its spaces – the magnificent Sala Grande, the 18th century Foyer, and the Statue Room – have welcomed the greatest opera singers and the most famous Italian and international artists.

This is the stage where the fortunes of Puccini’s masterpiece Madame Butterfly began after the unsuccessful Milan debut had forced the author to make a thorough revision. Indeed, it is inside Teatro Grande that this opera obtained its first triumphant success on May 28th, 1904. The little Butterfly Room next to the Foyer is dedicated to this event and displays some memorabilia of that first historic performance.
During the 20thcentury, the Theater became more and more important and in the 1970s the Italian State identified it as one of the Italian “Tradition Promoting Theaters” (Teatri di Tradizione).
Today, the Teatro Grande Foundation manages the Theater and offers a multi-disciplinary program ranging from opera to dance, music – classic, jazz, and contemporary, and childhood programs. Special initiatives outside of the Theater are also organized for the City.