The Sala delle Statue

The transversal hallway of the old and new main ticket office, behind enormous glass windows dating from the beginning of the 19th century, leads to the interesting Statue Anteroom which precedes the following, more important room.

This room underwent several changes and was finally completed in 1862. The current aspect includes a peristyle with plastered smooth columns and Ionic capitols, and four corner pilasters which support an architrave structure with baluster surmounted by 16 plaster statues and plastered fabric by Giuseppe Luzziardi.

The restoration campaign undertaken in 2022 brought to light the ancient 18th-century decoration coffered ceiling covering the vault of this first room of the building, which has become visible again after more than 150 years since it was covered. The central frames contain two bronze busts: on the right, Gerolamo Rovetta, a local novelist and playwriter; on the left, Giuseppe Verdi. The third bronze bust is definitely more recent and reproduces the great Brescian Maestro and piano player Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. This bust was added in 2002 on the 7th anniversary of the artist’s death. The sculpture is by Master Gian Pietro Moretti.