The Scenery Hall

The Scenery Hall – also called painters room or “soffittone” (big ceiling) – is a huge space which belongs to the 19th century portion of the theater and, as its name says, is in the upper level just above the stage. In the past, it used to be the room where the large scenes were designed and built. They were artfully painted on enormous canvases called backdrops or on smaller canvases used as side wings. When needed, these outstanding works of rare craftsmanship were lowered on the stage from the grid.
The room was recently restored and turned into a wide, imposing room called Scenery Hall. It is currently used by artists (singers, musicians, dancers, etc.) for rehearsals and auditions. This renovated space has a charming panoramic view and is particularly suitable for conferences, small shows, receptions, gala nights, and other small/medium-size events.