Façade and entrance

The pronaos is on the most central and prestigious street of the city, Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, and is aligned with the neighboring buildings to create a long colonnade. The terrace with balustrade above the porch also follows the same line as the other buildings. This structure was built by Gaspare Turbini and Antonio and Bertolo Vigliani in the mid-1700s. The five openings are defined by four columns with horizontal embossing which is the motif of the whole façade.

Access to the Theater is through a staircase leading to three large rectangular entrances which begin the tripartite division of the following passages. The box office is on the right of the entrance at the porch level. The door on the left was the old access to the upper galleries. A 17th century plaque above the central door explains the motto of Accademia degli Erranti in an intentionally emphatic Latin.

Hic reparatis Hephesi ruinis
Cynthia comitata musis vallata Amazonibus
Non errat errando.
Haec si cupis intueri quis quis es
Uno dempto Herostrato
ascende viator

After the entrance doors, the staircase continues. Allegories of Comedy and Tragedy painted on the side walls lead to the following three entrances and the Statue Room.