Between 2013 and 2023, the Teatro Grande underwent extensive restoration work that brought to light more than a thousand square metres of paintings and frescoes, hidden for more than a century, in the Sala delle Statue, the Ridotto and the adjoining rooms.

On the occasion of the end of the works and the nomination of Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023, the Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia commissioned the photographer Paola Pansini to write the volume Il Teatro Grande. A photographic portrait, published in September 2023 by Silvana Editoriale, edited by Massimo Torrigiani and with a text by Francesco Zanot.

The Teatro Grande di Brescia is one of the city’s most prestigious and oldest cultural institutions and is considered by artists and audiences to be one of the most beautiful theatres in the world. The theatre gave rise to the universal success of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, presented here for the first time in May 1904 in a new version, after the fiasco of its debut at La Scala only three months earlier.

Paola Pansini, through her photographs and the adoption of a frontal and close-up point of view, takes the readers inside the theatre, but instead of watching a performance, they find themselves looking, in admiration, at the theatre itself.

In Paola Pansini’s photographs, composition, light and colour find balance in a natural, silent sharpness. The images of the Theatre are made of matter, spatiality, exactitude and harmony. A reflection of her studies in sculpture and visual communication, of a precise and original gaze, and of technical perfection.

The volume Il Teatro Grande. A Photographic Portrait can be purchased from the Bookshop and the Box Office of the Teatro Grande, in the main bookshops in Brescia, Milan and the main Italian cities.



Due to the events taking place in Israel and the related security measures adopted in the country, the Batsheva Dance Company has been forced to suspend and postpone its tour in Italy.
Therefore the shows of 14 October at Teatro Municipale Valli, Festival Aperto Reggio Emilia; 17 October at Teatro Fonderie Limone, Torinodanza; 20 and 21 October at Triennale Milano Teatro and 23 October at Teatro Grande in Brescia have been cancelled, while waiting for the tickets to be refunded as soon as possible.

Below is the ticket refund procedure.

Refunds for paper tickets may only be requested at the Teatro Grande Box Office (Corso Zanardelli, 9b) for the return of the original ticket by Thursday 25 October inclusive. Refunds will not be possible without the original ticket.

Refunds for paper carnet tickets can only be requested at the Teatro Grande Box Office to return the original ticket by Thursday 25 October inclusive. Refunds will not be possible without the original ticket.

Refunds of carnet tickets purchased via the vivaticket platform may be requested by sending a photograph or digital copy of the same to biglietteria@teatrogrande.it by Thursday 25 October inclusive. The following information is also requested: first name, last name, tax code, full address of the purchaser and IBAN (complete with the name of the account holder and supporting bank) on which the refund will be made.

We would like to remind you of the Ticket Office opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 1.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Closed Sundays, Mondays and public holidays except on performance days.

For any information the Box Office is available at biglietteria@teatrogrande.it or at 030 2979333.


After the success obtained during the summer with the extraordinary openings, the Teatro Grande returns to open its doors in the autumn season and announces new and interesting initiatives aimed at a more transversal public.

In addition to the architecture and the historical events that have traced a centuries-long history, from the Accademia degli Erranti to the success of Brescia’s Madama Butterfly in 1904, from this autumn the Teatro Grande will also be narrated through two special itineraries for the under-11s and their families. The Fondazione has also devised an itinerary linked to memory and aimed at the over-65 audience with whom to share memories and anecdotes of the theatre’s recent history.

As far as initiatives for the very young are concerned, Che favola di Teatro! is the itinerary that will unveil some of the most evocative stories of Brescia’s Teatro Grande, preserved in an ancient revolving showcase that boys and girls will be invited to operate. Seated in the spaces of the theatre, participants will listen to stories and curiosities and will be able to invent new stories surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the Grande. The tour (€7.00 per participant) lasts 60 minutes and will be held on 14 October and 18 November at 3 pm. The presence of at least one adult for every 2 minors is required for participation.

With the Treasure Hunt at the Teatro Grande, we invite boys and girls to discover the wonders of the theatre through quizzes and small games of skill. The experience concludes with a snack at the Caffè del Teatro Grande – Berlucchi for the little explorers and explorers. The itinerary (€10.00 per participant) lasts 60 minutes and will be held on 4 November and 9 December at 3 p.m. The presence of at least one adult for every 2 minors is also required for this activity.

Raccontami del Grande is instead the new itinerary conceived by the Fondazione del Teatro Grande and aimed at the over-65s. From the post-war period to the present day, the rooms of the city’s theatre have not only hosted shows but also dances in the Foyer, the old cinema and even famous boxers. The tour – recommended for visitors over 65 – will be an opportunity to bring our fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers to the theatre and relive together the memories of past years linked the Teatro Grande. Raccontami del Grande will be held at 4.30 p.m. on 27 October, 10 November and 15 December. Each route will end with a moment of conviviality over tea at the Caffè del Teatro Grande – Berlucchi. Cost of participation €10.00 per person.

In addition to the new activities described above, the autumn calendar offers the more traditional tours Discovering the Teatro Grande, open to all. Through this tour (full price €10, reduced €7 for Under30s and groups of at least 15 people, free admission for Under7s) it will be possible to admire the Ridotto of the Theatre – one of the most striking architectural wonders of the city of Brescia – the Sala Grande with its unmistakable layout and the splendid Sala delle Statue which, with its more than 200 years of history, has recently undergone a restoration.

Tickets for all routes can be purchased on the website teatrogrande.it or at the Theatre Box Office. People with certified disabilities are granted a free ticket after contacting the Teatro Grande box office. In order to make the visit as welcoming as possible and to respond to any needs or information, please write to biglietteria@teatrogrande.it. We would also like to point out that some of the spaces may not be fully accessible due to technical requirements related to the theatre’s activities.

The estimated duration of all routes is approximately 60 minutes. Access to the Teatro Grande is from the main entrance (Corso Zanardelli, 9) or from the accessible entrance without stairs in Piazzetta Paganora.

Please note the opening hours of the Teatro Grande Ticket Office: Tuesday to Friday from 1.30 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.


The fourth edition of La Grande Notte del Jazz (The Great night of Jazz) is scheduled for Saturday 5th June, the special event conceived by the Teatro Grande Foundation to welcome the most interesting proposals of jazz music, this year all coming from the national context.

The 2021 edition will also bring the audience outside the walls of the Teatro Grande, in the evocative atmosphere of the courtyard of Palazzo Broletto. In addition, the various concerts that make up the event can be freely chosen by the audience.

The musical marathon on 5th June will begin at 4.00 pm at the Teatro Grande with the first concert with two bands performing that in recent years have distinguished themselves in the national context. First to go on stage will be the musicians of the Take off ensemble – Daniele Richiedei violin, Giulio Corini double bass, Fulvio Sigurtà trumpet, Gabriele Rubino clarinet, Massimiliano Milesi tenor sax, Maurizio Rinaldi guitar and electronics, Giacomo Papetti electric bass, Emanuele Maniscalco drums and synthesizers – with the Double Voices project. After a short technical break, the concert will continue with the all-female duo O-Janà – Ludovica Manzo (vocals) and Alessandra Bossa (piano, electronics) – interpreters of a musical project that combines electronics, improvisation and songwriting in a refined and original way.

Simultaneously, at 5.00 pm, the concert of the Ghimel trio will be held in the courtyard of Palazzo Broletto, composed of the musicians Elias Nardi (in oud, the Arabic lute), Daniele Di Bonaventura (at the bandoneon) and Ares Tavolazzi (at the electric bass). In the evening, again in the courtyard of Palazzo Broletto, the concert will be held at 8.00 pm with the duo Francesco Guerri (cello) and Fabrizio Puglisi (piano) performing in the first part; in the second we will listen to Silvia Bolognesi Young Shouts with the musicians Emanuele Marsico (trumpet and vocals), Attilio Sepe (alto sax), Silvia Bolognesi (double bass and compositions) and Sergio Bolognesi (drums).

The last appointment of La Grande Notte del Jazz 2021 is scheduled at the Teatro Grande at 9.00 pm with the concert of the Franco D’Andrea New Things trio. Next to the leader are the young Friulian trumpeter Mirko Cisilino and the Veronese guitarist Enrico Terragnoli, adventurous dean of six strings and electronics.

The 2021 edition of The Great Night of Jazz could not miss a further focus with Franco D’Andrea, given the richness and intensity of his artistic career. For this reason, the famous pianist has been asked to give a Lectio Magistralis to be held on Saturday morning 5th June at 12.00 at the Pietro da Cemmo Hall of the Luca Marenzio Conservatory. During the Lectio Magistralis Maestro Franco D’Andrea will deepen the theme of the Interval Areas, the central topic of his artistic research and musical production. A free appointment (with compulsory registration through the teatrogrande.it site starting from Thursday 27th May) that jazz music lovers will certainly not be able to miss. The meeting will also be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Luca Marenzio Conservatory.

To participate in La Grande Notte del Jazz, from Thursday 20th May, the audience can purchase tickets for individual events at the Teatro Grande Box Office or online on the teatrogrande.it or vivaticket.com websites.

The Grande Notte del Jazz is a project of the Fondazione del Teatro Grande in Brescia created with the artistic collaboration of Emanuele Maniscalco and Luigi Radassao.

Thanks to the Luca Marenzio Conservatory, the Municipality, the Province and the Prefecture of Brescia.



As the performances schedule has been suspended Fondazione del Teatro Grande rethink its programme moving in TV and digital spaces.

All the concerts broadcated on Classica HD and Teletutto channels and on Teatro Grande Facebook page are now freely available on Teatro Grande Youtube channel.

The rich schedule includes the “Sonate per pianoforte e violino di Mozart” concerts executed by Fulvio Luciani and Massimiliano Motterle, Andrea Rebaudengo’s concert Stanze/Miroirs, the Opera Recital Carmen with the extraordinary voices of  Francesco Meli, Annalisa Stroppa and Serena Gamberoni, accompanied on the piano by Alessandro Trebeschi, the Ensemble del Teatro Grande and TAKE OFF music performances. To complete the programme the Christmas Concert executed by Ensemble Vocale e Strumentale Continuum conducted by Maestro Luigi Azzolini.

Moreover, the opera Werther is still available on operavision.eu.



Summer Intermission in an artistic project created by Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia. It is thought for the period between January-June 2020 Season – interrupted because of the Covid-19 – and the desirable September-December Season.

The program includes 13 events with the aim to re-create, through the music, a shared sociality and to give an ego boost to the city, waiting for enjoying live performances.

From 7th July to 15th September 2020 the concerts will take place at Mo.Ca., the suggestive porch-yard inside Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni (Via Moretto, 78), ranging from Opera to jazz to classical music.


To enjoy the concerts a single seat ticket is required (10,00 euros). Tickets are available only on-line at vivaticket.com and at Vivaticket box offices.  For Recital on 28th July and 8th September at 5 p.m. a reduced ticket (5 euros) for under11 is available, only on-line as full price tickets.

Teatro Grande ticket office will not be open but from 7th July a phone assistance will be available on Tuesday and Thursday form 10 to 12 a.m. at 030 2979347.


Summer Intermission is realised with the support of Fondazione ASM and the technical support of Comune di Brescia.





A polyphonic season that stretches from big names to the most representative realities of Brescia. A unique attention to young generations, experimentations with electronic music and Opera, audio-visual performances and new dance forms.

Again, the Foundation proves itself as a fruitful ground for classic music, international dance companies and appealing chamber music.  Critic considerations about the present reality with an eye on history, the dissemination of the beauty of music in disadvantageous, care and solidarity places are tangible proofs of the deep sensitivity towards the cognitive development of our community.

Moreover, with big participative events such as La Grande Notte del Jazz and Festa dell’Opera it will be possible to (re)discover the monumental angles of the city with new spirit and new eyes thanks to the magic and charm of the music.

This year with the project Grande in Provincia you will have the pleasure to spot marvellous places while enjoying Opera concerts.

Since always, the Foundation of Teatro Grande has suggested its audience different and favourable modalities in order to guarantee a personalised performance schedule.

In addition to the traditional price reductions addressed to under 30 and over 65, the season January- June 2020 offers 3 kinds of carnet: the carnet Danza 70 euros, carnet Music 110 euros and the special carnet Gold 160 euros. The same proposal with even more advantageous prices is reserved to those under30: carnet Danza under 30 for 45 euros, carnet Music under 30 for 75 euros and carnet Gold under 30 for 100 euros.

For all the shows of the season, students also receive a 50% discount on tickets. The Foundation of Teatro Grande is a member of App18 and Carta Docente.

Tickets and season tickets are purchased not only at the Ticket Office of Teatro Grande and online on the websites teatrogrande.it and vivaticket.it, but also in all authorized branches of Ubi Banca in Brescia and the province.

Tickets and subscriptions are available for purchase from Wednesday 4th of December 2019.


Download here the JANUARY-JUNE 2020 SEASON.




The 25th of October will be the first World Opera day, an initative led by international networks such as Opera Europa, OPERA America and Opera Latinoamerica.

World Opera Day was conceived inside the environment of World Opera Forum hosted in Teatro Real of Madrid back in 2018 with the aim of broadening the positive and effective value of the operatic genre inside the community. Opera plays a big role in the construction of tolerance, comprehension, open-mindness and cultural interchange, touching everyone’s feelings and universal values.

Numerous are the events organised all over the world, therefore Brescia will support this celebration with a particular initiative promoted by the Foundation of Teatro Grande – partner of Opera Europa – in collaboration with Gruppo Brescia Mobilità. In line with the goals that the Foundation has been promoting for years, in this special day, Opera will spread all over the city in order to reach the most diverse public as a universal genre suitable for all.

On Friday 25th October, from 15:00 to 19:00 the most well known world opera arias will resound from the terrace of Teatro Grande beside Corso Zanardelli. In the meantime, from 8:00 a.m to 08:00 p.m. music and voices will resonate in all metropolitan stations, famous arias will be ideally moved from town centre to all the city.

Anyone who desire to partecipate can do it by posting on social medias any content dedicated to Opera and sharing it with the official hashtag #WorldOperaDay.

Follow us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.


Coming together in one season there is opera, dance and an important concert proposal that ranges from symphonic and chamber music to Baroque, and from jazz to contemporary. With an increasingly broad and multifaceted range of entertainment on offer, the Fondazione del Teatro Grande continues down the path of renewal undertaken in recent years to make the theatre a space which is open to more than one genre and to a diverse audience, including different age groups. A path which is affirmed by the growing demand and participation of the public, and which nourishes a positive and growing attendance at Teatro Grande not only by spectators, but also by artists who renew their collaborations with the Foundation from year to year.

The September-December 2018 Season presents a kaleidoscope of sounds and images with artists from Argentina, Estonia, Italy, Switzerland, Finland and Germany. Contemporary dance and music, baroque and jazz, symphonic music and chamber music offer a well-structured and evocative panorama, a transversal approach to politics and aesthetics, to underline the infinite variations of languages ​​and artistic approaches.

Tickets and carnets for the Season are on sale from the 18th of May online (at teatrogrande.it and vivaticket.it), in the Brescian branches of UBI Banca (see the complete list HERE) and at the Ticket Office of Teatro Grande. TeatroGrandeCard holders will have the opportunity to purchase tickets and carnets for the season in advance by presenting their card at the Teatro Grande Ticket Office from the 12th to the 17th of May.



For information on the Opera and Ballet Season, see the dedicated page.