Trajal Harrell/Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble | The Köln concert

A dance piece born during the pandemic and performed on the recording of one of the most famous piano solos of all time, The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett. So Trajal Harrell – world-famous performer, known for his very particular style that unifies postmodern dance and voguing – brings to mind the need to stay close, to bring respect and remember that there are countless stories of people who are rarely seen or heard, people left behind that with pride and beauty challenge their abandonment. This evening is for them.

Created by Trajal Harrell / Schauspielhaus Zürich Dance Ensemble
With New Kyd, Maria Ferreira Silva, Trajal Harrell, Nojan Bodas Mair, Thibault Lac, Songhay Toldon, Ondrej Vidlar
Set, choreography, soundtrack and costumes Trajal Harrell
Music by Keith Jarrett, Joni Mitchell
Light design Sylvain Rausa
Dramaturgy Katinka Deecke
Audience development Mathis Neuhaus
Theatre pedagogy Manuela Runge
Production assistant Camille Roduit, Maja Renn
Set assistant Ann-Kathrin Bernstetter, Natascha Leonie Simons
Costume assistant Ulf Brauner, Miriam Schliehe
Stage Manager Michael Durrer
Production intern Moritz Lienhard
Set intern Reina Guyer
Tour and international relations Björn Pätz, ART HAPPENS
Technical touring team Leandro Gianini, Andreas Greiner, Judith Janser Ruckstuhl, Sara Mathiasson  
Production Schauspielhaus Zürich

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II GALLERY € 20,00 € 16,00 € 18,00

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