We are looking for volunteers for the Festa dell’Opera 2022!

The Festa dell’Opera is finally back again, and the Teatro Grande is looking for volunteers for the 2022 edition!

The Festa dell’Opera, scheduled for Saturday 11th of June, is a sophisticated but popular festival that takes young and adult spectators, opera lovers or not, on an evocative journey towards the Opera world, making the entire city of Brescia resonate on the notes of the most renowned melodies of the opera tradition from dawn until midnight.

Here we are at the 11th edition of an event involving hundreds of artists and more than 50 public and private spots in the city. The aim of the Festa is opening the doors of opera to everybody, taking the charm of the melodrama in direct contact with the audience of all ages also thanks to the contamination with other musical languages (jazz, electronic, swing, pop, rock, contemporary music).

Concerts and improvised events will be at the centre of this day. Volunteers and staff will be working together to manage the organization of the events and in support of singers and musicians, making their contribution also to the promotion of the program. A precious occasion to get to know the organizational machine of the Teatro Grande and to help realising this unique event.

Send your application (you have until the 23th of May) at this link.

The chosen group will be summoned in the Teatro on Tuesday, 31st of May, for a briefing with the staff of the Festa.

Take part in this beautiful event and let the Opera take you far away!