“Medicina e musica”, two events in the Salone delle Scenografie

Medicine and Culture is the main motif uniting the various events proposed in 2023 by the Ordine dei Medici di Brescia. The initiatives for the autumn include two appointments in collaboration with the Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia dedicated to the theme of Medicine and Music. The two evenings, promoted also thanks to the collaboration of the Brescia Mobility Group and with the support of the Banco dell’Energia, intend to explore the ability of music to positively affect our wellbeing and will take the form of two special concerts accompanied by the stories of doctors and neuroscientists.

The debut is scheduled to take place at the Teatro Grande with Musica e invecchiamento attivo, on the evening of Thursday 12 October (Salone delle Scenografie h 20, info and tickets at the Teatro Grande box office and on teatrogrande.it). Angelo Bianchetti, director of the Department of Medicine and Rehabilitation at the S. Anna Clinical Institute in Brescia, will talk about the value of music in boosting our cognitive reserve and ageing well, countering the risk of mental decay. From words to notes, spectators will be able to engage in active listening with this new viewpoint, dragged along by the rhythm of Tempo di Tango, with the voice of Francesca Gerbasi, the bandoneon of Davide Vendramin, and the piano of Romina Vavassori, among the most appreciated interpreters of traditional Argentinian music.

The second event, on Thursday 2 November, will be dedicated to Musica e neouroscienze (Salone delle Scattografie h 8 pm, info and tickets at the Teatro Grande box office and on teatrogrande.it). Daniela Perani, full professor of Neuroscience at the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele in Milan, will take us on a journey inside the human brain, with the aid of neuroimaging techniques, to show what happens in our heads when we listen to music, what circuits are activated and the benefits we can derive from it. Following this, the harmonies of the concert Il Barocco tra Venezia e Napoli (The Baroque between Venice and Naples) will offer a practical example, with the instrumental virtuosity of Elisa Citterio on violin, Dorina Frati on mandolin and Cristina Vidoni on cello.

More information on the Medicina e Cultura project can be found at www.ordinemedici.brescia.it.