Teatro Grande presents the Season January-June 2018.

The new season of Fondazione del Teatro Grande confirms its international callings and its attention to the most interesting, young and established entities around. The artists come from thirteen countries: Albania, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Norway, Syria, Switzerland and the United States. A diverse range of inspirations and visions are seen across the programming and characterise its versatile and cosmopolitan identity: the journey and the story, the reinvention of the classics, the contemporary repertoire, the relationship with history and the world of childhood and adolescence. We see a route, therefore, that continues to march between research and experimentation, attention to tradition and curiosity for the discovery and synergetic potential of languages ​​and genres.

In addition to the usual discounts reserved for under30 and over65, the season January-June 2018 offers three types of carnet: the Carnet Danza for 80 euros, the Carnet Musica for 150 euros and a special Carnet Gold for 160 euros. The same proposal with even more advantageous prices is reserved for those under30: the Carnet Danza Under30 for 70 euros, the Carnet Musica Under30 for 100 euros and the Carnet Gold Under30 for 110 euros.

For all the shows of the season, students also receive a 50% discount on tickets. The Fondazione del Teatro Grande is a part of the members of App18 and Carta Docente.

The TeatroGrandeCard initiative with Ubi banca also continues. The TeatroGrandeCard for 2018 can be purchased at the Box Office and entitles you to a 15% discount on tickets (regardless of the pricing category you would normally belong to), discounts at the Caffé del Teatro Grande Berlucchi, as well as several other exclusive discounts on activities at the Theatre. Cards that have already been activated in previous years can also be renewed at the Box Office for 2018. We are pleased to remind you that, thanks to our collaboration with Ubi Banca it was possible to combine all of the features of the Enjoy-TeatroGrande card with the TeatroGrandeCard, giving it the added value of a ‘pre-paid credit card’ with no charge for activation and management.

Tickets and season tickets can be purchased not only at the Ticket Office of Teatro Grande and online teatrogrande.it and vivaticket.it, but also in all authorized branches of Ubi Banca in Brescia and the province (See HERE the complete list).

Everything is available for purchase from the 9th December 2017.

Owners of TeatroGrandeCards will be able to buy tickets for the January-June 2018 season on the 5th, 6th and 7th December by presenting their TeatroGrandeCard at the Teatro Grande Ticket Office.

Updates about the season’s programming and theatre’s activities will be made available in real time online at teatrogrande.it. Please note the opening hours of the Teatro Grande Ticket Office: Tuesday to Friday from 13.30 to 19.00 and Saturday from 15.30 to 19.00.