Extraordinary openings of the Ridotto in August

The Teatro Grande Foundation announces the extraordinary openings of the Ridotto during the month of August. A real architectural jewel can be seen for free, allowing citizens to access one of the most evocative eighteenth-century spaces in the area.

Starting from Tuesday 3 August and until Friday 27, the spaces of the Theater will be freely accessible to tourists and visitors. Admission is from Tuesday to Saturday from 11.00 to 19.00, free and without the need for a reservation.

It will thus be possible to admire the magnificence of the Ridotto and the historical documents related to the Brescia debut of the opera Madama Butterfly. In addition to the original 1904 poster, the original image of the cast and an autograph letter written by Giacomo Puccini relating to the general rehearsal of the opera are also preserved in the Butterfly Room. Also not to be missed is the Sala del Teosa, a real and perfectly preserved frescoed casket.

On the days of August 3, 25, 26 and 27 there will also be live musical interludes by the young formation of the Bazzini Consort.

Waiting for the new season of performances that will inaugurate in September, the Teatro Grande Foundation therefore decides to keep the doors of one of the most visited monuments in the city open. A proposal that is part of the wider cultural tourism project that intends to enhance the potential of the Teatro Grande in its role as a historical monument.

Finally, we remind you that the Caffè del Teatro Grande Berlucchi will be open until Sunday 1 August and then reopen on Saturday 28 August, to coincide with the resumption of performances.