Discover the Teatro Grande

On the occasion of the important event of the Capitale Italiana della Cultura, the Teatro Grande opens its extraordinary artistic heritage through special visits that will give visitors the opportunity not only to discover the magnificent spaces of the Theatre, but also to know anecdotes and curiosities that have made the Teatro Grande famous all over the world.

“Rien n’est plus joli” wrote Stendhal in 1823 in his Vie de Rossini describing the beauty of the spaces of the Grande. Over the years, in addition to establishing itself as the main city theater, the Teatro Grande has been declared a well of important historical and artistic interest, with particular reference to the spaces of the Sala Grande and the Ridotto. During the 20th century the Grande acquired an increasing importance even among national theaters until, in the 70s, the Italian State identified it as one of the Italian Theatres of Tradition, recognizing for the first time the cultural functions, social and educational activities of music, programming and opera production.

The visits will be scheduled during the weekends and will give visitors the opportunity to admire the Ridotto – one of the most evocative architectural wonders of the city of Brescia – the Sala Grande with its unmistakable layout, and the splendid Sala delle Statue, recently restored with its over 200 years of history.

Tickets can be purchased on teatrogrande.it or at the Theatre ticket Office at a cost of € 8 per person (discount for Under30 to €5). The visits last 45 minutes, accessible from the main entrance of the Theatre (corso Zanardelli, 9).