A thank you to our audience!

Teatro Grande presents the results of 2017. The billboard of Fondazione del Teatro Grande saw the traditional Opera and Ballet Season, and concerts – divided into events of symphonic music, chamber music, baroque and contemporary music, jazz and pop – and dance performances, as well as special projects for children and cultural events. The year focused on the presence of international artists and companies, but also on the development of young talents with the aim of making the area of Brescia of national and international excellence.

2017 has consolidated the path of renewal undertaken by the Foundation, awarded with the consent of critics and artists as well as the growing and numerous participation of the public. In 2017, at Teatro Grande there were 102 events directly organized by the Foundation, to which were added 2 shows organized in collaboration with other local organizations. The 2017 season was met with great enthusiasm by the public, once again recording a double-digit increase: 10% more than the previous year.

The trend of growth in attendance continues for the Foundation’s shows, which is seeing more than quadruple the amount of spectators since the time of its establishment.

The figures shown do not include the tens of thousands of spectators of 2017’s Festa dell’Opera, that on September 16th, from dawn to midnight, brought to Brescia hundreds of artists in over 50 places in the city, both public and private.

Also noteworthy is the significant increase in under30 audience members, which in 2017 reached the highest amount in the last seven years, with an increase of 39% compared to the previous year. Also in 2017 the important collaborations with Brescian universities and schools have been organised in order to bring young audience members closer to live shows in a wide variety of ways. The participation of young people was sought not only through dedicated programming, but also with special price policies, targeted communication campaigns, and thanks to participation projects that have made the children the protagonists of some performances.

This strategy has resulted in successful years, with a steady increase in the under30 audience, which today accounts for 29% of the total public.

In 2017, the Fondazione del Teatro Grande involved 1,505 artists in its activity, generating for the city over 130,000 euros in expenses for food and lodging. The additional, significant, economic impact generated by the public has not been counted.

Also, we remind you that Teatro Grande is a partner of the OperaLombardia Circuit, a brand that brings together the five Traditional Lombardy Theatres (Teatro Grande di Brescia, Teatro Sociale di Como, Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona, Teatro Fraschini di Pavia and Fondazione Donizetti di Bergamo), with the Orchestra dei Pomeriggi Musicali di Milano, Regione Lombardia and Teatro alla Scala as partners. The operatic productions of Teatro Grande on tour in the theatres of the OperaLombardia Circuit were seen by around 30,000 people in 2017.

Lastly, it should be noted that, in 2017, Teatro Grande was confirmed as one of the most attractive places for cultural tourism in Brescia and its province with an 18% increase in visitors (excluding audience members) compared to the previous year.