Virgilio Sieni | CAMMINO

Third step of the research project Dittici sulla passione curated and designed by the most important Italian choreographer Virgilio Sieni. This is an ideal itinerary for a dialogue between closed spaces of the theatre that guard memories of history and tradition and open spaces of the urban context. Between two different geographies a conversation establishes, uncommon and productive, made og the intensity of gesture and choreographical movement. A “walk” is induced while body languages become renovation tools for places and daily re-invention, as poetical proof of every ages of human being, leaving precious traces for the future.

The choreographies will involve young dancers between 10 and 25, and citizens united in a gesture exploration, carrying the spectator towards a composition of  “paintings”, translated in three moments: Deposizioni, Adorazione, Cammino.

CAMMINO (Walk) is a reflection of previous choreographical experiences. The performers of Deposizioni and Adorazione join together in an open space to create a unique, united and in chorus experience of movement. Each citizen, pedestrian, tourist is invited to take part to the walk (by coming 2 hours before the event) to perceive in a conscious way the common proceed, the vicinity and the listening of each other.


How to purchase tickets

This event is open to the public and free.