Virgilio Sieni | Adorazione

Third step of the research project Dittici sulla passione curated and designed by the most important Italian choreographer Virgilio Sieni. This is an ideal itinerary for a dialogue between closed spaces of the theatre that guard memories of history and tradition and open spaces of the urban context. Between two different geographies a conversation establishes, uncommon and productive, made og the intensity of gesture and choreographical movement. A “walk” is induced while body languages become renovation tools for places and daily re-invention, as poetical proof of every ages of human being, leaving precious traces for the future.

The choreographies will involve young dancers between 10 and 25 years old ag, and citizens united in a gesture exploration, carrying the spectator towards a composition of  “paintings”, translated in three moments: Deposizioni, Adorazione, Cammino.

ADORAZIONE is a choreographical action that finds its abode in the Foyer of Teatro Grande. Dedicated to dancers and citizens of any ages, is ispired by act and sense of donation. Concepted as an embrace between communities that experiment a common breathe. The creation is composed by two groups that with their bind look for a never-ending communication. The proximity of bodies delimits the space that evokes agrarian views that give back an 400 century iconography with Umanistic flavour.


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