Vinicio Capossela | Ballate per uomini e bestie

In an age when the Western World seems to face new medieval times intended as mistrust in culture and knowledge and loss of the sense of the sacred, Vinicio Capossela chooses to release a Songbook: by evoking fantasy medieval times inhabited by extinct beasts, magical creatures, wandering knights, fairies and saints, the work shows similarities and the sense of current events that deeply connect it to present chronicles. Telling and singing become instruments to try a re-approach to the sacred and the beasts, essential access point to the mistery of Nature, also Human one. The form chosen by Capossela for his new work is the ballad, as occasion of metric practice and untying from synthesis. Tha ballad takes chaos from free words, the liquid experience of becoming: it reduces them in a story and it composes them in flowing verses.


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