Viaggio musicale all’inferno

On 12th and 14th October, respectively at 8.30 p.m and at 3.30 p.m., Viaggio musicale all’inferno will be on stage, latest complete work  by composer Giancarlo Facchinetti before his disappearance (6th June 2017). Written on Libretto by Andrea Faini, Viaggio musicale all’inferno is a will-Opera where Brescia composer exhibits in style his humor and eclectic art, moving from 12-tone sustem to Baroque, from the gallant style to songs. Written for voices and instrumental chamber ensemble in the form of sung scene, the Opera is divided in ten pictures. The cast is under development and it will be directed by Danilo Rubeca. Scenes will be cured by Domenico Franchi, costumes by Simona Morresi and lights by Fiammetta Baldiserri. Facchinetti’s scores will be performed by dèdalo ensemble – Maestro Vittorio Parisi conducting – that is involved in contemporary and 20th Century repertory. At the beginnign of each performance dèdalo ensemble will honor Maestro Facchinetti playing the second version of “Hü gelchen“, a piece from 1984 for flute, clarinet, bundle, violin, viola, cello and piano, and “Musica da teatro” fo flute, bundle, five strings and Basque drum from 1974. For the first time as performers of Viaggio musicale all’inferno:  Maurizio Leoni (Narratore), Daniela Pini (Euterpe) and the “damned” Claudio Rosolino Cardile, Paolo Marchini, Roberto Covatta, Ragaa Eldin, Erika Tanaka and Aloisa Aisemberg.


PARTERRE and DAIS I-II-III order € 60,00 € 35,00 € 48,00
I BALCONY and DAIS IV order € 35,00 € 24,00 € 30,00
II BALCONY € 20,00 € 15,00 € 15,00

For under 18 students Parterre or Dais I – II – III order tickets 15,00 euros.


PARTERRE and DAIS I-II-III order € 51,00 € 30,00 € 41,00
I BALCONY and DAIS IV order € 30,00 € 20,50 € 25,50
II BALCONY € 17,00 € 13,00 € 13,00

Dais capacity: from n.1 to n.3: 2 people | from n.4 to n.8 and proscenium: 3 people | from n. 9 to n. 14: 4 people.

For additional tickets/subscriptions purchase in dais (max 2) over capacity seats specified an emission of 50% reduced entrances, for low visibility, is provided only by the Theatre ticket office.

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For information about subscription of Opera and Ballet 2018 Season please click HERE.

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