Spellbound Contemporary Ballet | Recollection of a falling

On the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the Teatro Grande Foundation invites Spellbound Contemporary Ballet with a programme conceived by the company’s founding choreographer Mauro Astolfi and Jacopo Godani, an established choreographer now director and choreographer of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company.

“We live on a planet full of memories. It took us about thirty years to learn how to assemble our own and not become slaves to them. The memory of the first fall, that moment before and especially that moment after that made us realise that it was good to push ourselves towards deeper experiences. This is our starting point, born from the idea and the attempt to talk about the interconnectedness of everything we have been through. Thirty years to understand that we will never be independent islands but part of a whole. We will probably have richer memories to feed on, perhaps more and more disordered, but still something we put in and then take out of ourselves. Recollection of a falling is our accessible and infinitely expandable data system. As human beings we have provided sufficient evidence of our ability to destroy everything: the memory of a fall, small or dangerously large, can be the way to reconnect with the natural world, jump into it and rebuild it every day.”

Posting the future

Two-part programme
Creations by Jacopo Godani, Mauro Astolfi

30 years of Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

Performers Anita Bonavida, Maria Cossu, Lorenzo Beneventano, Mario Laterza, Giuliana Mele, Alessandro Piergentili, Roberto Pontieri, Martina Staltari, Miriam Raffone
Lighting design Marco Policastro
Costumes Anna Coluccia
Production Spellbound in collaboration with Comune di Pesaro & AMAT for Pesaro Capitale italiana della Cultura 2024, Festival Torino Danza


STALLS and I-II-III ROW BALCONIES € 34,00 € 24,00 € 27,00
I GALLERY and IV ROW BALCONIES € 35,00 € 24,00 € 30,00
II GALLERY € 20,00 € 16,00 € 18,00

*reserved for under30 and over65

Student ticket 50% of full price**
**reserved for students of Primary Schools, Secondary Schools of first and second grade, Universities and Institutes, Conservatories. The Student Ticket can be purchased only at the Ticket Office, upon presentation of the International Student Card, or the university booklet or other document on headed paper proving the enrollment for the current year.

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How to purchase tickets

This performance is part of the Percorso Danza of the 2024 Season.
On sale ONLINE and at the Teatro Grande ticket office.
The ticket office of the Teatro Grande is open from Tuesday to Friday from 1PM to 7PM; on Saturdays from 10PM to 1PM and from 3.30PM to 7PM. For information biglietteria@teatrogrande.it.