Paolo Gorini | Prismi

“I see this solo project as a personal diary. In recent years I’ve been trying to explore my musical imagination more and more. What drives me to write music? What do my sound creations talk about? This program looks for answers to these questions. One feature is clear: I don’t stop at the piano. The toy piano, melodic, loop station and electronics are the primary means in this adventure. The music I propose attracts as an invisible magnet what I find most interesting: rhythm and mechanism, the sound world inside the piano, the space between sound and noise, sound design technologies, the concept of the night.” (Paolo Gorini)

The project is realized thanks to the support of Fonds Podium Kunsten.


Clock Beats Heart Machine, for piano and loop station
Beyond the sound’s mirror, for piano (new version 2021)
Grid 3, for piano
Seven colours of the night, for piano, toy piano and melodic
Hold my hand
The dark mirror
The crystal fox
Nocturnal orchid
The house with no clocks
Time to rest
Electric Bodies, for Seaboard only


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