Moving with Pina | Cristiana Morganti

How is a solo constructed? What is the relationship of emotion with movement? When does the gesture become dance? What is the relationship between the dancer and the scenography? And above all, how is the mysterious and magical bond between the artist and the audience created? Performing live extracts from the repertoire of the Tanztheater, Cristiana Morganti talks about her artistic and human journey with the great German choreographer and lets us discover how much dedication, imagination and attention to detail are contained in the language of movement created by Pina Bausch. A tribute to one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.


By and with Cristiana Morganti
Technical director Simone Mancini
Production Il Funaro – Pistoia
With the agreement and support of Pina Bausch Foundation – Wuppertal


SINGLE SEAT € 20,00 € 15,00


*reserved to under 30 and over 65

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