History Lessons | The war of the sexes | Pens as weapons: Virginia Woolf and the others

In the first semester of the season, the Fondazione del Teatro Grande proposes a new cycle of History Lessons created in collaboration with the Editori Laterza. The 2022 cycle is dedicated to the theme The war of the sexes, four meetings in which the conflict between women and men throughout the history of humanity will be discussed, in its many forms: from family to politics, from economics to literature, from art to the show. Extraordinary and controversial stories, from the best known to the unknown, will above all demonstrate the strength, talent, cunning and imagination of some great women who have fought gender inequalities in various fields, moving away from the social stereotypes of different eras. The appointments, set on Saturday at 11.00 in the months of February / March / April, will be hosted in the Great Hall and will involve some of the most important Italian historians flanked by actress Elena Vanni.

Valeria Palumbo 
Pens as weapons: Virginia Woolf and the others

They had been allowed to read and even write novels. And they immediately took advantage of it: Virginia Woolf undermines the principles of the world and of the male gaze, but she is not the only intellectual, between the First and Second World Wars, to reveal the mechanisms of the domination of men. Nor the only one to pay for challenging him.



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