Lezioni di storia. I volti del potere

Power has a dual effect. It has united or divided human beings; it has married justice or showed itself in its brutal form. Power has gone through history in the most diverse forms, materializing in a small number of people, who today represent eternal symbols. In the past as well today, the power does not personify itself just in the actions of some astute liars, crowd pleasers or cruel dictators: numerous are its faces and the instruments to exercise it. Six big historians will tell us what happened over the centuries.


March 1610. Galielo publishes the Sidereus Nuncius, a treatise that affirms the validity of Copernico’s heliocentric theory. This strong change of scenery marks the beginning of a new era, characterised by personalities with strong intelligence such as Keplero, Cartesio and Newton. An epoch in which were challenged not only cosmology but also physics, philosophy, religion and anthropology. An historic revolution!



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