La Grande Notte del Jazz

Project realized with the artistic collaboration of Emanuele Maniscalco and Luigi Radassao.

After the extraordinary success of its debut in 2017, the Grande Notte del Jazz returns to invade the Teatro Grande with a multiplicity of performances. The formula of the event and its artistic intentions remain unchanged: to offer original and innovative points of view on developments and research of the musical expression that in a very broad sense today we call “Jazz”. Without preclusions regarding genres and styles, the project enhances the most creative proposals and the most original productions of the local, national and international scene. The Teatro Grande turns into a great multimedia hub for one night, opening up to performances, meetings, performances, workshops and concerts. Jazz music will insinuate itself in every theatre room, staging, through unusual outfits, real paths of listening along which the spectator will be free to move following the threads of the path he will consider most fascinating among those proposed. They will not miss in this one too second edition workshop for musicians, workshops for children, book presentations, meetings with artists and installations.


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