Il Grande per i piccoli

Laboratories, installations, childhood performances

After the great partecipation of previous appointments, Il Grande per i piccoli is now at its 8th edition and will involve children and families taking them to contemporary languages through funny activities. The well-known and less-known spaces of Teatro Grande will hold creative experiences dedicated and realized for children and adults in a path articulated in arts, illustrations, architecture, performance, science and technolgy.

At 17.30 in the main Avenue the show Babayaga by TPO Company.

In the original fairy tale “Babayaga”, a child is forced to abandon her family to go to the house of the terrible orchestra, but on her journey she is helped by some animals to face the dangers. Intuition, courage and the ability to make friends are the resources needed to face a challenge that cannot be won alone.
The show brings to the stage this famous Russian fairy tale in a contemporary key, using dance, original music and the sumptuous illustrations of Rébecca Dautremer projected on a large scale throughout the set. The show offers an imaginary journey inspired by its visual universe, its figures dominated by red from its cultured and seductive traits. From this pictorial world are born landscapes and characters of a fairy tale that sees, in the figure of the orchestra, the archetype of a threatening and disquieting malice – but one that can be defeated if one acts together; this is the moral message that we intend to transmit. Two dancers, with the lightness of two butterflies, guide the audience in a story without words, composed of emotional landscapes, musical games full of scenic effects created thanks to the discrete and invisible use of sensors and interactive technologies.


SINGLE SEAT € 10,00 € 3,00

*** reserved to under11

Free entry for children until 3 years old.

How to purchase tickets

Tickets available at Teatro Grande Ticket Office from 20th February 2018.

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