Fulvio Luciani Violin and Massimiliano Motterle Piano | Nature, Poetry

“We love nature when it is left to itself, and equally when it is ordered by the hand of man, because it is in that intervention that we read ourselves. Poets also love the constraints they impose on themselves, which – they explain – allow them to better express, to better understand. Musicians do something similar with the form of variations. It is an apparently neutral form, squared off a priori, like the symmetrical flowerbeds of the Italian garden or the tiles of the oriental carpet, which, however, over time has proved suitable to accommodate the investigation of the forces necessary to establish that order: the mark left by man. And so the step backwards from Stravinsky’s Duo Concertante, which uses the forms of the bucolic poetry of antiquity, the egloga, the dithyramb, to the variations of Schubert’s Fantasia and to the almost rustic, Arcadian variations of Beethoven’s last Sonata, is almost a walk through the garden of the house, a private itinerary within oneself”. Fulvio Luciani


Igor Stravinsky, Duo concertante for violin and piano
Franz Schubert, Fantasia in C major for violin and piano, op. 159 D. 934 on the lied Sei mir gegrüsst, D 741
Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 10 in G Major, Op. 96

The show lasts 70 minutes.


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