Festa dell’Opera 2022

The 2023 edition of Festa dell’Opera will take place on 10 June with a preview on 9 June and will be dedicated to the theme “Opera and Literature”, a natural combination of two forms of art that interpenetrate each other, by their very nature representing the desire of the human being to tell stories and pass on memories. The parallel between the great masterpieces of literature and the great operas will be at the center of the numerous events (all free participation) that will take place as usual in the most evocative places of the city, in a fascinating journey between the pages of words and the pages of notes, in their transposition designed for the stage by some of the greatest musical geniuses of all time. A special edition that sees the collaboration of the Donizetti Theatre and the Conservatories of the city of Brescia and Bergamo.



Festa dell’Opera is a free event.

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Festa dell’Opera is a free event.