Festa dell’Opera 2018

On Saturday, September 15th, from dawn to midnight in over 50 places in the city, the seventh edition of Festa dell’Opera, a project marked over the years by a growing participation thanks to its international calling. Festa dell’Opera has now established itself as a strategic asset for both the promotion of Opera and the enhancement of national and international tourism for Brescia.

Every year, Festa dell’Opera is a 24 hour non-stop event, showcasing some of the most famous melodies of operatic tradition. This is done through new modes of interaction: the work leaves the theatre to engage with a new audience in spaces of daily life (factories, private houses, places of social hardship, the open spaces of the city) and is often “contaminated” by other genres such as contemporary music, jazz, electronics, pop.

Built under a cultured profile, whilst simultaneously being popular, the Festa dell’Opera is also a real springboard for young talent: singers, musicians and composers are called not only to perform famous scores, but also to devise new works.

The 2018 edition will once again celebrate the Opera as a product of national excellence and a symbol of Italian tradition, and, at the same time, a universal language.

Participation is free for all events.

The Festa dell’Opera is a unique project, conceived and created by Fondazione Teatro Grande di Brescia. Because of its important educational value, the Festa dell’Opera has received the prestigious Filippo Siebaneck Prize as part of the Franco Abbiati Awards of Italian music critics.



Participation is free for all events.

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Participation is free for all events.