Festa dell’Opera 2017

Scheduled this year for Saturday 16th September 2017, the Festa dell’Opera is a popular, cultural festival that leads everyone – young, old, music enthusiasts or otherwise – on a marvellous journey through the world of Opera. Also this year, from dawn to midnight, the Festa dell’Opera will transform Brescia into an open-air stage and the whole city will be ringing with the sounds of the best-loved melodies of the Opera tradition.

With more than 50 public and private locations hosting hundreds of artists, concerts, recitals, and flash mobs, the sounds and voices of Opera will be reeling through the city in a wonderful kaleidoscope of emotions. The goal is to open up Opera to the public, bringing everyone, including new audiences, into close contact with its enchanting power.

Festa dell’Opera is a unique, cultural project with a wide scope, recognised by the Franco Abbiati Italian Music Critics’ Awards for its valuable contribution to education with the prestigious Filippo Siebaneck Prize.

All events are free to attend.



All events are free to attend.

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All events are free to attend.