Fabrizio Saiu | Métron extended

The concert is articulated in the ways of a training session placed at the limits between the sound action and the art du déplacement. A speech synthesis algorithm (Karen) dialogues with a human voice and intervenes on the modulations of the performer’s gesture through sequences of orders and aphorisms, articulating a sometimes surreal, talaltra prescriptive, oracular or pseudo-philosophical discourse. If Karen intervenes on the performer, Alice leads the audience to reflect on the psychophysical effects of the sound and urges him and actively participate in a perceptive exercise that intertwines the vision to listening and memory.

Idea, direction, music and performance Fabrizio Saiu
Sound engineer Michele Marelli
Light design Stefano Mazzanti
Voice Alice Valenti, Karen (vocal synthesis)
Texts Fabrizio Saiu, Guy Debord, J-F Augoyard, Henry Torgue
Plates UFIP
Production Fabrizio Saiu
Performance created in the artistic residencies at the PTL (Brescia – September 2020), Tempo Reale (Firenze – July 2021), Urge (Brescia – September 2021), Teatro Grande (Brescia – June 2022).



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