Emanuel Gat Dance | Sacre/Gold

“The justification of art is the internal combustion that is inflamed in the heart of man and not its superficial, externalized and public manifestation. The aim of art is not the realization of a momentary expulsion of adrenaline but, rather, the gradual construction that lasts a lifetime, of a state of serenity and wonder.”

(Glenn Gould)


Sacre is a re-adaptation of the work of the same Emanuel Gat created in 2004 for Stravinsky’s eponymous score. Designed for five dancers, three men and two women, Sacre dismantles the mechanics of the Cuban salsa and reassembles them to create a complex choreography with a strong dramaturgical load. A free and frenetic and demanding reading of Stravinsky’s masterpiece, Sacre does not focus on the concept of sacrifice, but rather on the concept of action.

Choreography, lights and costumes Emanuel Gat
Music Igor Stravinsky, The Spring Festival
Emanuel Gat Dance production
Performance for five dancers


Star of the firmament of international contemporary dance, Emanuel Gat brings to the Teatro Grande of Brescia two cult pieces of her repertoire, two works that differently investigate human relationships and the complexity of relationships through an abstract dance of connection and overviews/looks.

Gold is the story of a family. Not so much the story of a narrative based on facts but rather a metaphorical commentary on life through an intimate look at the complex nature of human relationships. The choreographic design is presented as the base of a silent ecstasy of individuals who come into contact with each other. Not aiming to reproduce the experience of reality, the work presents various observations on social structures and the way in which they transform individuals. The soundtrack used is a layering of two separate scores: The Quiet in the Land – a radio documentary created by Glenn Gould in 1977 – and the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach performed on the piano by Gould himself.


Choreography and lights Emanuel Gat
Music Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach
Piano Glenn Gould
Added track The Quiet in The Land, arranged and written by Glenn Gould
Lighting design Emanuel Gat
In collaboration with Guillaume Février
Sound Emanuel Gat
In collaboration with Frédéric Duru
Production Emanuel Gat Dance
Performance for five dancers



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