Dewey Dell | Deriva traversa

The Dewey Dell dance company presents the work Deriva Traversa in a double performance in the Ridotto of the Teatro Grande.

The company, founded by Teodora Castellucci and active since 2006 on the Italian and international scenes, stands out for its overall attention to the performing arts, a panic approach that does not stop at dance tout court but also probes experimentation in the sphere of audio-video performance and that constantly feeds on anthropological themes, on natural inspirations, linked above all to the animal kingdom. Deriva Traversa was born in this furrow and chooses to recount the solitude of shepherds: an ancient profession, made up of dormant rhythms, long waits, absences, but also marked by a synergetic relationship with Nature and with oral transmission, the only way to keep Memory alive.

By and with Teodora Castellucci
Music Demetrio Castellucci
Choreography assistance Agata Castellucci
Choral composition, voices Adam Sherry and Sam Sherry / A Dead Forest Index
Dramaturgy Vito Matera
Costume design Guoda Jaruseviciute
Production Societas

With the support of MUSE project/Compagnia B
In collaboration with Festival Danza Urbana and Festival Città delle Cento Scale


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