Dewey Dell | À elle vide

À elle vide focuses mainly on creating a gap between two characters, two animals, two figures, two drawings: the Rooster and the Scorpion. Two characters that are reflected in expression, behaviour, movement. The rooster’s movement is haughty; scrutinize and observe the space as if it were the depositary of a mystery. The movement of Scorpio is the precise, secure, mental immobility of those in the stasis before attacking. There is an impalpable, unspeakable, arcane elegance. Using the red of the Rooster, its colour becomes its movement. With the white of Scorpio, his suspense becomes his voice. The black of space becomes the time of an empty relationship. The work, created in 2007, is resumed eleven years later and brought back to life in its original version.


Idea Agate, Demetrio, Teodora Castellucci, Eugenio Resta
with Teodora Castellucci, Agata Castellucci
Choreography, costumes Teodora Castellucci
Original music Demetrio Castellucci
Lights Eugenio Resta
Plastic arts Chiara Bocchini
Creation of the costumes Gabriella Battistini, Carmen Castellucci
Production Dell Dewey
With thanks to Valentina Guidi, Chiara Bartolini, Francesca Bartolini
Special mention GD’A 06/07
Participant project at Aerowaves 2008 / The Place, London


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