Cristina Caprioli | Scary solo

And so, she goes around in circles, pondering the possibilities. Should she settle for a puddle or decide to cross the field? Wait for the intervention of something that can reorder the plot? Stumble over the limit? Or pull out a scream and force a shift? Mrawrrrr… But then remains stranded in a groove and tightens even more. Leaving the uncertain unresolved. After all, what really matters is that it moves, that it really moves. And answers its imperceptible steps confide.
This solo is a reversal of negativity for the restless optimist, for the one who dances wherever she arrives, with everything to fear and nothing to lose. Like it was a spooky, harmless, rather pathetic scene.

By and with Cristina Caprioli
Music by Asher Tuil e Alessandro Cortini
Scary solo is a ccap production 2020, sponsored by the Città and the Regione Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Council e Sweden’s National Touring Theatre.

TIME: 35 minutes



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