Compagnia Virgilio Sieni | Danza cieca

Virgilio Sieni and the blind dancer Giuseppe Comuniello are the protagonists of a duet on tactility, with live music by Spartaco Cortesi. Listening, tenuity, space, play and ritual, power of expectation, cracking of matter, inexhaustible source of gestures, obscure parts of movement, glow in the detail, welcoming of the friend, opening of the gaze: postures and approaches that transform the body into an inexhaustible atlas of democratic places.

“The anatomy of the gesture expands to the concept of tactile space, of aura, and includes the perception of the body and the tone of the tissues and muscles involved. Blind Dance is based on the haptic space between the two performers and the halo of energy that the movements create around them. The aura is not just a sort of halo around the person, it is much more: it encompasses the essence of the person capable of gathering within itself the indincibility of its origin, transmitting this power outwards. It would seem that the aura springs from this continuous referring back to the other, transmitting and decanting, taking away and renewing’. Virgilio Sieni

Choreography Virgilio Sieni
Performers Virgilio Sieni and Giuseppe Comuniello
Live music Spartaco Cortesi (electronics)
Production Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, Virgilio Sieni Company


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