Barokthegreat | Ghost. Follow my feet, weapons!

GHOST is the new creation of the Italian performance group Barokthegreat, led by dancer Sonia Brunelli and musician Leila Gharib, together with London-based director and designer Simon Vincenzi. GHOST explores Footwork culture and intensifies the experience of street dance through abstraction, focusing on the ghostlike appearance of the dancing bodies’ limbs that seem to take on lives of their own. Chicago in the late 1990s, a new youth culture trend is making its way from the streets and corners into the mainstream: it is called Footwork. These footwork sessions are group events, and dancers challenge each other in ‘battles’. In time to the music, often played at breath-taking rates of 155 to 165 beats per minute, footwork is primarily an exercise in speed. The dancers’ feet disappear in flowing, flickering movements underneath a static torso – in the hypnotic eruption of the rhythms; the upper body keeps a motionless balance. The best footworkers read the music like a map, never failing to incorporate the subtle variations of dynamics and rhythm into their movements and djs produce the music, influenced by Juke e House, specifically for these dance sessions. For this creation Leila Gharib’ sound accompanies the dancing body under the command of an accelerated beat composed and generated by a Roland TR-8S drum machine.

Concept Barokthegreat
Dance and choreography Sonia Brunelli
Music Leila Gharib
Artistic cooperation Simon Vincenzi
Co-production Schauspiel Leipzig, Xing/Live Arts Week
With the support of CiCi Centro interdisciplinare di Cultura italiana – Universität Leipzig



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*for both performances of 23rd April


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