Annamaria Ajmone | Trigger

Trigger is a moving system, differently organized in accordance with the venue which hosts it. The performance redesigns the geometry of the space and, vice versa, the space transforms the performance. The choreography is made up of pre-established movement cores which are instantly assembled. It develops in the inner and outer area of the perimeter of a geometric figure. The audience is placed along the sides of the figure and shares the scenic space with the performance. Trigger is a personal exploration and is oriented towards the transformation of a space in a place that, for a limited period of time, becomes home, way station, nest of a listening body that magnifies the inner and outer spaces.


By and with Annamaria Ajmone
Music Palm Wine
Costumes Jules Goldsmith
Technical direction Giulia Pastore
Production CAB 008
With the support of Regione Toscana and MIBAC
Cango / Umano – Cantieri internazionali sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza co-production
In partnership with Teatro della Toscana



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