Accademia Bizantina_ Ottavio Dantone Conductor | Christmas concert

At the end of the seventeenth century – early eighteenth century in Italy was born a successful tradition that interested many of the main composers of the period: concerts dedicated to Christmas. Through an extraordinary interpretation, Maestro Ottavio Dantone and the Orchestra Accademia Bizantina will revive some of these great masterpieces.


Giuseppe Valentini Symphony XII Op 1, For Holy Christmas
Gaetano Maria Schiassi Concert XII, Pastoral for Christmas of our Lord Jesu
Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in mi maggiore per violino, archi e basso continuo Il riposo, per il Santo Natale
Giuseppe Torelli Concerto Grosso op.8 n.6, Pastorale per il SS. Natale
Giuseppe Sammartini Concerto Grosso op.5 n.6
Arcangelo Corelli Concerto Grosso op.6 n.8, made for Christmas night


STALLS and I-II-III ROW BALCONIES € 34,00 € 24,00 € 27,00
I GALLERY and IV ROW BALCONIES € 27,00 € 20,00 € 22,00
II GALLERY € 22,00 € 16,00 € 18,00

*reserved for under30 and over65

Please note that the seats purchased in the box are not numbered and that each box has a capacity ranging from 2 up to a total of 4 people.
Those who purchase fewer than the maximum number of box seats may therefore share the stage with other spectators.
Stage capacity
from No. 1 to No. 3 and Proscenium Row IV: 2 persons
No. 4 to No. 8 and Proscenium rows I-II-III: 3 persons
Nos. 9 to 14: 4 persons

Student ticket 50% of full price**
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