The Ridotto del Teatro Grande is back to host the Aperitifs in jazz at the Caffè del Teatro Grande – Berlucchi, three exceptional evenings in which live music will accompany the happy hour moment at the Caffè in collaboration with the students of the Conservatorio Luca Marenzio di Brescia.

10 February
Silvia Giangrossi – voice
Cristian Alberti – electric piano
Lorenzo Cantù – electric bass

10 March
Vittoria Izzo – voice
Francesco Fasciolo – electric guitar

7 April
Andrea La Bruna – trumpet
Davide Mariotti – electric guitar
Laura Costantino – double bass

12 May
Giorgia Gusmini – voice
Davide Saetta – electric piano

16 June
Benedetta Bitonte – voice
Davide Mariotti – electric guitar
Lorenzo Zani – electric piano

To access the Caffè del Teatro Grande – Berlucchi a drink minimum is mandatory. On the occasion of these musical evenings it is strongly advisable to book a table by calling the number +39 3287659130.

Special thanks to Conservatorio Luca Marenzio di Brescia.


Quentin Tarantino announces a special event in Brescia, “Capitale italiana della Cultura”, in support of his new book Cinema Speculation.

The legendary director will present at the Teatro Grande in Brescia his long-awaited first non-fiction work, an incredibly funny and treacherously intelligent, unique and creative film book like anything by Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino, Oscar-winning director, author of literary bestsellers and passionate lover of cinema, will celebrate the publication of his highly anticipated first essay Cinema Speculation with an unmissable live event at the Teatro Grande in Brescia, in the framework of Bergamo Brescia Capitale italiana della Cultura 2023.

In this live event, organised by the Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia, Tarantino will deepen a fascinating discussion focused on the most important American films of the 70s, that he first saw at the time as a young spectator. With his vibrant imagination and dedication to richly layered storytelling, Tarantino offers a rare perspective on cinema only possible as he is one of the greatest professionals ever of this art form. He will also offer the public a live reading of an excerpt from his new book.

An event in which you can enjoy at the same time film criticism, film theory, news stunt as well as a wonderful personal story.


Tickets will be on sale from Tuesday 14 February starting from 1PM at the Box Office of the Teatro Grande and on www.teatrogrande.it / www.dalessandroegalli.com

Thanks to Comune di Brescia.



On the dedicated page of this website, you can find the new opening times of the Caffè del Teatro Grande – Berlucchi, from January until May 2023.
We remind you that to keep up to date on the changes to the opening times, the special events and any requests we recommend you to check the social networks of the Caffè, Instagram and Facebook.

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The Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia presents the 2023 Season, a single multidisciplinary great Season that will attract the greatest artists in the world, from famous conductors to well-known choreographers, as well as young talents. A billboard that grows both in quality and in quantity compared to the usual Season to respond to the special event of 2023.

Along the lines drawn by the strategic design of Bergamo Brescia 2023, high-level programming will be dedicated to quality, internationality, territory, excellence and youth, so as to make the territory of Brescia a national and international excellence thanks to shows and concerts of high artistic value with emblematic characters of the cultural scene. A strategic opening of the Theatre, which will include, alongside the preservation and enhancement of tradition, an innovation of languages and formats, with a particular attention to a new audience. The path that the Fondazione has started since its inception, begins from the reflection on what can be today the role of a historical institution, on what can be the cultural, civil and social function of a “Teatro di Tradizione” that must be confronted with the change of society and territory, the diversification of the public, its tastes and its habits. The 2023 edition thus becomes a forum for reflection to be shared with artists and the public. The occasion of the Capitale della Cultura will make even stronger the positioning of the Teatro Grande as a center of creative excellence and a place for sharing experiences, also with a view to shared sociality.

Tickets and special booklets for all Music and Dance performances of the 2023 Season will be on sale from Friday 9 December* at the Teatro Grande Box Office and online.
Discover the TICKETS AND CARNETS created for the 2023 Season:
Carnet Capitale
Carnet Musica
Carnet Musica Senior
Carnet Danza
Carnet Young 


* Excluding the performances of the Opera and Ballet Season 2023 and the special projects La Grande Notte del Jazz, Facciamo la Banda, Orchestra STU.D.I.O. of the Conservatorio Luca Marenzio of Brescia, Bergamo Brescia Drive, Festa dell’Opera, GrandeBrixia, Great Community, The Great in the Province, Detaching the shadow from the ground and The Great for the little ones.

The projects Agorà, Festa dell’Opera and Les Baigneurs have free participation.